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Revolutionized digital business cards for professionals and SMBs

Carder is a cutting-edge digital business card web application designed to simplify networking and business communication.With a user-friendly interface, it offers a convenient and efficient way to manage contacts, exchange information, and keep track of your network. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a professional, or just looking to expand your business circle, Carder is the perfect tool to help you make meaningful connections.

Services provided: UI, UX, Branding, Development

Design Thinking in Action

Our Design Thinking Process Simplified

At Nazadv, we embrace the boundless power of design thinking to craft extraordinary digital journeys. Our methodology extends beyond conventional design practices; it's a living, breathing process driven by empathy, imagination, and groundbreaking ideas. Here's a sneak peek into our approach, where we turn concepts into tangible solutions, breathing life into design thinking


We dived deep to understand business goals, users, and challenges


We pinpoint the problem and set clear project objectives


Our team brainstormed creative solutions and concepts


We brought ideas and sketches to life for rapid testing and feedback

Test and Iterate

We made improvements based on user feedback and data

Product scope

Unlocking User Delight Our Impact on Carder Application

Transformed digital business cards for professionals and small businesses.

The problems

  • Vulnerability to Loss or Damage: Traditional business cards are prone to being lost, damaged, or forgotten, which can result in a loss of important contacts and missed opportunities for professionals.

  • Limited Space for Contact Information: Traditional business cards have limited space to include all relevant contact information, making it challenging to provide a comprehensive overview of one's professional details.

  • Lack of Information Updates: Once printed, traditional business cards cannot be easily updated, leading to outdated information being shared. This can hinder effective communication and networking efforts.

  • Difficulty in Network Management: With traditional business cards, professionals often struggle to manage their networks efficiently. Without a centralized platform to store and organize contacts, it can be challenging to maintain effective communication and stay connected.

What We Did

we don't just create applications we empower businesses and individuals.

At the core of Our Approach to Enhancing carder's Digital Presence is a seamless fusion of Innovation, Technical Mastery, and Strategic Precision. We believe in pushing the boundaries to create an impactful online presence that leaves a lasting impression

The problems

  • Digital Alternative: Carder provides a digital alternative to traditional business cards, overcoming the limitations of physical cards and offering a modern solution for professionals.

  • Customizable Profile: Users can create a personalized profile on Carder, including all relevant contact information such as email, phone number, and social media links. details.

  • Real-Time Information Updates: With Carder, users can update their contact information in real-time. This ensures that their network always has the most accurate and up-to-date information, eliminating the issue of sharing outdated details.

  • Centralized Contact Management: Carder offers a centralized platform for storing and organizing contacts. Users can conveniently store all of their contacts in one location, making it easier to manage their network and keep track of important connections.

Product scope

Key Benefits of the Carder

  • Improved Organization: Carder helps users enhance their organization by providing a centralized platform to store and manage contacts. With all contacts in one place, it becomes easier to find and connect with the right people efficiently.

  • Enhanced Networking Opportunities: By utilizing Carder, users can expand their networking opportunities. Sharing a digital business card allows for seamless and instant exchange of contact information, fostering stronger connections and potential collaborations.

  • Time and Resource Savings: With Carder, the need for physical business cards is eliminated. This saves time spent on printing, carrying, and distributing physical cards, reducing costs associated with traditional business card production.

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